Telemark Airshow 2023: A spectacular flying experience

Every year, aviation enthusiasts and curious families from near and far gather to attend the Telemark Airshow. This annual event is a highlight for anyone who loves aviation. The Telemark Airshow in 2023 was no exception, despite some overcast weather and sporadic drizzle. The event was a success with impressive turnout from both dedicated aviation fans and casually interested spectators.

Here you can watch a video from Telemark Airshow 2023!

Telemark Airshow 2023 presented a diverse and impressive program for its audience. Aviation enthusiasts and curious children of all ages had the opportunity to witness breathtaking aerial displays that left them in awe, seemingly impossible acrobatic maneuvers, and the soothing hum of impressive engines. Military aircraft, vintage planes, and modern aircraft took to the skies, showcasing their impressive capabilities.

For those with a fondness for aviation history, there was also an opportunity to admire beautiful vintage aircraft. These classic machines, carefully restored and maintained, offered a glimpse into the history of aviation and reminded us of how technology has evolved over time.

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GKN Stand på Telemark Airshow
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GKN Stand på Telemark Airshow

Chances to win fantastic flight tours

One of the most exciting moments during Telemark Airshow 2023 was the opportunity to win two flights on vintage aircraft. This was a unique chance for participants to experience aviation from an entirely new perspective.

Being able to offer such fantastic experiences to both dedicated employees and enthusiastic audience members was a joy for us at GKN Aerospace and a highlight for the fortunate winners.

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En Harvard på rullebanen før take-off under Telemark Airshow
En F-35 og F-16 modellfly på standen til GKN Aerospace under Telemark Airshow 2023
2x Harvard i formasjon i luften.

A volunteer association bringing aviation joy

Telemark Airshow is not just an event; it is a heartwarming story of community engagement. The association was founded in 2015 and is based at Notodden Airport, Tuven. It is run by volunteer aviation enthusiasts who work in aviation-related companies on a daily basis. Their goal is to provide people in Telemark, Buskerud, and throughout the country with one of Norway’s most memorable airshows.

We also want to thank everyone who visited our booth at the event. Being able to share our passion for aviation with you was a pleasure, and we are deeply grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we received. None of this would have been possible without the thousands of visitors who attended this year’s Telemark Airshow, dedicated organizers, skilled participants, and an engaged audience. We look forward to continuing to support and participate in such fantastic events in the future.

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