Our finance department is responsible for accounting, budgeting, and reporting, and ensures the company’s financial management. The department looks after budgets, forecasts, financial strategy plans, and reporting, both internally and externally, as well as all board matters of a financial nature.


The procurement team has professional responsibility for all our procurements at GKN Aerospace Norway AS. This involves competition implementation, contract follow-up, and general professional support.


Our building department is probably one of our most versatile departments which provides for the management, operation, maintenance, and development of the 30,000 square meter premises. This includes, among other things, responsibility for ventilation, office solutions, fixtures, fire protection, and internal controls.


Health, Environment, and Safety (HSE) at GKN Aerospace Norway AS is first priority. The department is a support function for the entirety of GKN Aerospace Norway. They are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment. This involves follow-up of requirements, risk assessments, and coordination of various actions to ensure continuous improvement within HSE.


To ensure our customers receive their ordered products on time, the planners at GKN Aerospace Norway AS plan production. The planners commandeer raw materials, initiate the start of production orders, follow the progress of production and keep customers up to date in regard to delivery dates.

Dimensional Control

Producing aircraft engine components is a job with extreme quality requirements. A dimensional control technician’s task is to check that all dimensions of the parts are in accordance with the customer’s requirements – and that there are no errors or deficiencies in the part. This is controlled either with the help of mechanical measuring equipment or with the help of computer-controlled measuring machines.


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a term for computer-controlled production machines, mainly machining such as turning and milling. As the operator of a CNC machine, you are responsible for ensuring that the machine is in good condition – that parts are inserted in a correct and satisfactory way – that the correct program is started and run on the part – that the necessary and correct tools are in place. The operator must also ensure the parts move on to the next step in production after it has been machined.


The quality of our aircraft engine components is of the utmost importance. One has tools to measure that the part has the correct dimensions. Another important factor is control of the metal itself. One can experience cracks in the metal, even air pockets inside the part. To rule out such errors, various forms of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) controls are run. An example of this could be an X-ray inspection. At GKN Aerospace Norway we also test with fluorescent liquids in combination with light.

Tool Grinder

In our production processes, most products will involve many hours of machining. This machining means that metal is often turned or milled away. In this case, an important component will be the tool that ensures the removal of metal. These are expensive components that wear quickly. In GKN Aerospace Norway, we, therefore, have our own department that produces cutting tools for our machines. Here, we are talking about both the production of new tools, but also re-sharpening tools for reuse – reducing waste.

Manufacturing Engineer

When aircraft engine components are to be manufactured, we start with receiving detailed drawings with objectives and requirements for the part. This information is important for the engineer who, on the basis of this, prepares a plan for the production of said part. This may seem like a simple task, but considering all the production steps the part has to go through, this is very extensive work; from raw material in stock to the finished part that can be sent to the customer in excellent quality.


A great deal of our production equipment is computerized. To get the machine to operate as desired, programming is required. All parts that are produced must go through several machines. All machines must have programs for each specific part, as well as the operation that runs.

Programmers in GKN Aerospace Norway work with developing programs for our production machines. In all essence, these are employees who have previously driven machines but have now taken this competence and developed into approved programmers.


Within communications, you work with the dissemination of news, both internal and external at GKN Aerospace Norway AS, as well as working closely with the global communications department regarding web/social media, marketing, events, recruitment, profiling, and graphics design/printing.


The IT department has experience and expertise in everything from consultancy, development, IT security, and IT operations. They work towards simplifying, renewing, and improving the working life of everyone in the company.


The payroll department handles all payments of wages, fees/allowances, travel bills, and reimbursements to employees at GKN Aerospace Norway AS, as well as to external and hourly employees. The department is also responsible for maintaining salary data and personnel data in our systems.


The HR department takes care of all processes in the company within human resources – i.e. the employees. HR manages everything to do with employment conditions but mainly focuses on change, development, and strategy, in addition to HR administrative tasks.


To achieve the desired quality of products delivered to our customers, it is a prerequisite for GKN to have a quality management/enterprise management system that ensures necessary management and control over what is being done and delivered to the customer. The department is responsible for ensuring that we have these systems in place so that we can deliver products to our customers that meet product and system requirements, and ensure customer satisfaction. This entails that those working in the quality department are responsible for ensuring that we have good process descriptions and procedures in place, as well as ensuring that the products we deliver are in accordance with what our customers have ordered.


The logistics department has the overall responsibility for the flow of goods in the company. The department takes care of everything from inbound and outbound transport orders, receiving of goods, import customs clearance, receipt control, warehouse management, picking, shipping, and export customs clearance. In addition, we provide the entire company with waste and chip handling, cleaning of all workshop floors, as well as internal forklift services.

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