The future takes shape with these apprentices

GKN Aerospace Norway has always been a pioneer in the aerospace industry, and their continuous success largely depends on the competence and dedication of their employees. Every year, they welcome new apprentices into their ranks, young talents eager to learn and develop in various fields.

Mia – Exploring the world of logistics

Mia embarked on her journey as an apprentice at GKN with a two-week internship in the spring. Her goal was to gain insight into the field of logistics, explore it further, and see how it operates in practice. Mia had prior experience with logistics, but she wanted to take it a step further by trying it in a new company and observing how they handle logistics challenges.

Today, Mia is an apprentice at GKN, committed to working in the field of logistics for 2 1/2 years. What drew her to the company was the excellent working environment. For her, the apprenticeship was not a meticulously planned career path, but rather a natural progression after she had the opportunity to explore GKN during her internship. She was warmly welcomed, and she quickly realized the breadth of opportunities within the field of logistics. Mia looks forward to exploring these opportunities and working in a relevant area with promising job prospects.

For Mia, the combination of a pleasant working environment and exciting tasks is what drives her forward in her apprenticeship at GKN.

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