Measurement of Future Quality: CMM Technology at GKN Aerospace Norway

GKN Aerospace Norway (GAN) is setting the standard for precision and quality in an increasingly demanding industry. By combining advanced technology with dedicated expertise, GAN has established itself as a pioneer in precision measurements through the use of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

In a world where quality and tolerance requirements are becoming more complex, GKN Aerospace Norway plays a central role in delivering components and systems of the highest standard to the aerospace and defense industries. To meet the stringent demands of these sectors, it is crucial to have equipment that can not only handle these requirements but also surpass them. This is where CMM technology comes into play.

CMM: The Heart of Measurement Precision

Coordinate Measuring Machine, better known as CMM, represents a crucial tool in GAN’s pursuit of precision and accuracy. CMM is a sophisticated measuring machine that enables complex dimensional and geometric measurements on components and parts. GAN boasts no fewer than ten CMM machines of various sizes and variants, including both tactile probing methods and optical measurement.

Using CMM, operators can perform manual measurements by directing the probing stylus to the desired point, enabling detailed dimensional and geometric measurements. However, CMM technology doesn’t stop there. GAN has a dedicated team of programmers who develop advanced and intelligent CMM programs that ensure accurate and reliable measurements. These programs undergo a thorough verification and validation process to guarantee that each measurement program is 100% accurate.

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