KONGSBERG and GAN are enhancing internal expertise in maintenance of machinery and equipment

The general meeting of Kongsberg Terotech AS (KTT) decided yesterday, November 21st, to liquidate the company. KTT is owned by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (“KONGSBERG”) and GKN Aerospace Norway AS (“GAN”). The company provides comprehensive maintenance of machinery and equipment, with approximately 80 percent of its revenue related to work for the two parent companies.

KONGSBERG and GAN have decided to enhance maintenance expertise within their respective companies and intend to establish specialized teams where the employees of KTT will play key roles. It is important for the parent companies to support the employees throughout the liquidation process, and all approximately 60 KTT employees will be offered positions either at GAN or KONGSBERG.

“Both KONGSBERG and GAN have decided to strengthen and refine maintenance services and technical support internally within their own companies. This approach will enable us to further develop and ensure robust maintenance services, streamline operations, and support the industrial growth we are experiencing,” said Terje Bråthen, Chairman of KTT and Divisional Director at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

What is Kongsberg Terotech AS?

Kongsberg Terotech AS is a company established in 1987 specializing in comprehensive maintenance of large production machinery. The company boasts world-class expertise in this field. It has two major owners, GKN Aerospace and Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace, who also serve as primary customers. Both of these owners are high-tech mechanical workshops.

The decision was made after thorough processes in collaboration with KTT’s management.

“We will preserve the unique expertise present in KTT today and further develop maintenance services to ensure safe and optimal operations for both KONGSBERG and GAN. We look forward to welcoming the new employees from KTT to new, yet familiar employers,” said Nicola Armstrong, CEO of GKN Aerospace Norway AS. Terje Bråthen supports this and emphasizes the importance of caring for all KTT employees, continually working to ensure their well-being and happiness in both parent companies going forward.