Working for a greener future

Fuel Fighter NTNU is an exciting voluntary student organization that works hard to create the world’s most energy-efficient car. – While Fuel Fighter aims to run as efficiently as possible on land, GKN aims to fly longer, faster, and greener, says Tor Børve Rasmussen, Project Manager for Fuel Fighter NTNU.

The key to success

Fuel Fighter consists of 54 students from over 20 different fields of study at NTNU. To create such an advanced car, interdisciplinary knowledge is necessary. Therefore, the students are divided into six different groups: autonomous, design, electrical, marketing, mechanical, and software. All groups work closely together to achieve the best possible result.

The car is used to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon. This is a competition in which over 200 universities from all over the world participate. Fuel Fighter NTNU is often among the best in its class, which is not surprising when you see how much work and passion the students put into the project. In addition to creating an energy-efficient car, they also develop their own self-driving systems, which is also part of the competition.