Who we are

Have you ever traveled on an Airbus or Boeing passenger plane in Europe? There is a good chance that parts of the engine were produced here – in Kirkegårdsveien in Kongsberg.

Since 1976, we have been a leading industrial and technology company in Norway within our area – with the production of parts for the F-16 and now the F-35, as well as the civil aircraft you may be sitting reading this on.

GKN Aerospace Norway’s history is rich, but we always look forward. As a safe workplace, we have room for both personal and professional development. Our goal is to fill the factory – and always develop the technology.


The Future’s Technology

Did you know that over 100,000 daily flights have GKN Aerospace Norway parts on board? Our expertise enables us to operate in one of the world’s most advanced and demanding markets.

We work with a passion and determination to make aircrafts fly further, faster and greener. It is all about innovation and development.

If we are to achieve our goals, we must actively invest in the technology of the future – for the parts we make and how we produce them.

What is going on inside GKN Aerospace Norway?


The Future’s Workplace

From HR and HSE – to programming and dimension control; At GKN, you have many opportunities within a number of fields. Here you get to be part of a forward-looking and innovative working environment – focusing on both professional and personal development.

Behind our success are our people. With our minds set on the future, we continue to focus on developing the people who will continue our success.

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