In just one year NTNU students have developed a race car: – We want to win

The students at NTNU Trondheim have developed their very own race car.
– Help and experience from GKN have been crucial for us to succeed with the Revolve project, says Simen Tufte, a student at NTNU Trondheim and CME/Technical Manager for the mechanical aspect of the Revolve project.

Race car project Revolve

Revolve NTNU is a voluntary student organization that designs, develops, and competes with a Formula Student race.

The project started in 2010 with a group of students who wanted more practical experience before entering the workforce.

The first race car was ready in 2012. Since then, it has been further developed and improved by a new team of students each year.

This year, Revolve consists of 62 students from 19 different fields of study.

Since he started high school, Simen Tufte has had a desire to join the Revolve project.

– Some have a mechanical background, others have an electrical background, some work with software, and others are economics students. The students range from final-year students to those who have just started their studies,” explains Simen Tufte.

He himself is the Technical Manager for the mechanical aspects.

– That means I oversee the four mechanical groups in Revolve that work on the aerodynamics package, suspension, bodywork, and braking system. As CME, I coordinate and make decisions regarding technical design and goals, with input from members and alumni who have worked on similar projects before.

– In addition to this, part of the responsibilities includes interacting with companies and participating in board meetings where budgeting and general business management take place.

A lot has happened since the first car was ready in 2012.

For instance, the car has transitioned from having a combustion engine and electric rear-wheel drive to having four electric motors, each powering its respective wheel.

– In the eight months since we started the project, a tremendous amount has been accomplished. We have moved from having theoretical goals to designing a finished car, assembling physical parts, and completing a car, says Simen.

A lot has happened since the first car was ready in 2012.

For instance, the car has transitioned from having a combustion engine and electric rear-wheel drive to having four electric motors, each powering its respective wheel.

– In the eight months since we started the project, a tremendous amount has been accomplished. We have moved from having theoretical goals to designing a finished car, assembling physical parts, and completing a car, says Simen.

It has been a challenge

He doesn’t hide the fact that they have faced some challenging months and encountered difficulties along the way. Rule changes, in particular, have caused headaches for the students.

– There were new requirements for the attachment of parts. We had trouble with a gearbox that used to overheat, there were long delivery times for several components, and new systems that had not been tested before.

– Planning, determination, and dedication have been the keys to success. “I feel that all members have worked hard to complete the car and have it ready for competition.

Revolve aims to be among the very best

Each year, engineering students from around the world come together to participate in Formula Student, an exhilarating competition that showcases their skills and knowledge. This highly anticipated event features a wide range of theoretical and dynamic exercises, attracting hundreds of talented participants.

Formula Student serves as a platform for students to put their engineering expertise to the test.

Teams engage in intense competition, pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance. They showcase their technical prowess by designing, building, and racing formula-style race cars, all while adhering to rigorous rules and regulations.

The automotive industry, Formula 1 judges, and professors from multiple universities serve as judges for the competition. This year, the students will compete in Austria, Hungary, and Germany, side by side with some of the world’s best teams.

– Revolve aspires to achieve the highest level of performance and excellence. With unwavering determination, this year’s objective is to secure a position among the top three contenders in all the competitions we partake in. However, the competition in Germany stands as the grand culmination of the project year and holds paramount significance for the team, Simen says.

Simen passionately expresses the significance of the German competition, as it represents the ultimate pinnacle of their efforts. It serves as the ultimate test of their skills and capabilities, where they aim to showcase their finest work and leave an indelible mark. The team’s enthusiasm and dedication are palpable as they eagerly anticipate this significant event.

Revolve’s pursuit of excellence is fuelled by their relentless commitment to pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations. They are determined to make their mark in the competitive landscape, leaving a lasting impression with their cutting-edge innovation and unmatched performance. The team’s collective spirit and unwavering focus drive them towards their goal of achieving top-tier recognition on an international stage.

With every challenge they face, Revolve embraces the opportunity to refine their skills, enhance their designs, and fine-tune their strategies. Their relentless pursuit of success is propelled by a shared passion and a shared belief in their capabilities. The team’s drive to excel serves as an inspiration to all, as they strive to redefine what is possible in the world of racing.

Acknowledging the ambitious nature of their goal, Simen recognizes the formidable challenge they face, as they contend with more than 1000 international teams vying for the limited 70 spots in each competition.

– In this highly competitive arena, the major contenders receive substantial support from renowned companies such as BMW, VW, and Porsche. As a relatively small team hailing from a country without an extensive automotive legacy, we do not possess an inherent competitive advantage. However, we leverage our strength in the robust technological business sector, which plays a pivotal role in providing expertise and services to bolster the project.

Praises the collaboration with the business community

Revolve’s determination to excel stems from their ability to overcome these inherent obstacles. Despite not having the backing of prominent automotive giants, they draw strength from their resourcefulness, innovative mindset, and the support they receive from the thriving technological landscape. It is through this symbiotic relationship with the tech sector that they acquire the necessary expertise and services to propel their project forward.

In a competition where the odds may appear stacked against them, Revolve embraces the opportunity to showcase their unique approach and disrupt the status quo. Through their dedication, they aim to defy expectations, leave a lasting impact, and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the global motorsport arena.

GKNS plays an important role in the Revolve project

GKN Aerospace plays a vital role in the Revolve project. They are a significant partner and contribute their expertise and resources to support the project’s development. GKN’s involvement encompasses various aspects, including knowledge sharing, training, and consultations.

– In January, GKN came to Trondheim to hold courses in CAD, machine drawings. The courses are useful for learning how to create drawings, establish requirements, and set tolerances, explains Simen Tufte.

He adds:

– A machine drawing is the contract between the designer and the company. Without a good drawing, it is not guaranteed that the part will fulfill its intended function. Therefore, the knowledge GKN shares with the students is crucial for the further development of not only the project but also each individual student.

The students’ race car consists of approximately 4,000 parts, of which 500 are self-designed.

– Having good drawings of our own is crucial to show how things should be.

Simen praises GKN’s collaboration and their ability to adapt the training for the students.

– The technical members have varying levels of pre-knowledge, some have never seen a machine drawing, while others have previous experience with it. This means that each member needs different things to create appropriate drawings. GKN has solved this by offering tailored follow-up and training.

In relation to the Revolve project, GKN has contributed with knowledge, courses, post-course follow-up, and consultations.

– Good collaboration and feedback from GKN have been crucial for us to complete the drawings in time for production, explains Simen.

– GKN is an attractive workplace

Simen believes that GKN Aerospace would be an appealing employer for many students upon completing their studies. He highlights the location of GKN at the Techonology Park in Kongsberg as an attractive workplace, offering several reasons to be excited about working there.

– GKN Aerospace stands out as an exciting employer due to its shared passions with the members of Revolve. The company specializes in engines and services for the aerospace industry, employing a wide range of production methods to achieve their goals. This dynamic environment presents challenges and a fast-paced atmosphere that many individuals find exhilarating to be a part of.

Moreover, GKN provides opportunities for Revolve members to work on significant projects. Several team members have been involved in designing aerodynamic elements for the vehicle’s aerodynamics package and conducting structural analyses of machine parts. GKN’s presence in Kongsberg, situated within the Technology Park, further enhances these prospects by fostering a larger network of interdisciplinary collaborations with neighboring companies. Simen emphasizes the importance of exchanging experiences across different organizations, recognizing the value of such interactions.

Overall, Simen’s positive assessment of GKN Aerospace underscores the company’s alignment with the aspirations and interests of Revolve’s members, making it an appealing prospect for future employment.

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