In collaboration for the Leap Engine Program

Earlier this week, we announced the signing of a new decade-long contract with Safran Aircraft Engines, one of the world’s leading players in aircraft engines. This contract will encompass the production of shafts for assembly and spare parts for the Leap engine program.

This agreement marks a new chapter in the long-term partnership between GKN Aerospace Norway AS (GAN) and Safran Aircraft Engines (SAE). The Leap engine is a key component in the Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737MAX aircraft models, partially replacing the well-established CFM56 program, which has been a central area of collaboration for GKN for over 35 years.

For us, this contract represents a fresh start and a significant opportunity to showcase our expertise as a “Center of Excellence” in shafts within GKN. The initial shafts are expected to be delivered from GAN to Safran Aircraft Engines in Paris in the second half of 2024, signifying a crucial commitment to maintaining high quality and precision in production.

GKN Aerospace and Safran have had a close collaboration for several decades, with successful partnerships related to CFM56 and GE90 engines, as well as the development program for RISE technology, representing next-generation engines.