Engineering at GKN Aerospace Norway

What do you think the future of aviation looks like? As an employee of GKN Aerospace Norway AS, you are a central part of it.

Are you an engineer, or studying to become one? At GKN, we are many engineers in various fields – and we all work to make aircraft fly faster, further, and greener.

Øystein Teksle

Curious about how we work at GKN Aerospace Norway (GAN)?

We have had a chat with one of our engineers, Øystein Teksle, IIoT, and BI architect. Øystein works with IIoT, Business Intelligence, and machine integration. Simply explained, he works with all dataflow between the machine park and other systems.

– You may have heard of IoT? As an Industrial IoT and BI architect, I know a lot about how we get different machines and equipment to talk to each other and to other machines and equipment.

– I also work a lot with suppliers to specify and get new machines to fit into our existing systems.