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Christmas is approaching, and 2024 is just around the corner. Thousands are getting ready to travel in the last month of the year. Many of them are flying – and to the same destination. They are heading home for Christmas.

Traveling quickly and safely brings communities, families, and friends closer together. We at GAN work with passion and determination to make planes fly longer, faster, and greener.

Before we step into the new; let’s take a look at the year that has passed.

As you can see, this year’s Christmas greeting also comes to you in your inbox, not in the mailbox.
This digital Christmas greeting allows you to look back on the year that has passed and what awaits in 2024.

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Market, Development,

and Investment

In line with the continuously increasing production, especially in the incoming segments and Leap, GAN faces a growing need for advanced tools. To meet this challenge, the company has decided to make significant investments in advanced machine technology. With a focus on automation and efficiency, we aim to enhance the capacity and quality of tool production.

Successful Coating of the First -7 Shaft Component in the New Plasma Facility

A significant milestone was achieved on December 4, 2023, as the first component of the -7 shaft underwent a successful coating process in the recently implemented plasma facility. This accomplishment marks the culmination of an extensive journey, from preparing the machines for sandblasting and coating from the manufacturer to the approval of the DVI application with Safran – a process that took considerable time.

Rune Didriksen, Berulf Greibrok, and Bjørn Kjellman played key roles throughout this process, along with Risto Virtanen and Arsalan Mansoori, who worked on the robot programs. Special thanks also go to Kjell Rune Brandal, who led his team in freeing up time for Rune Didriksen to work on the new facility.

Trym Guttormsen is a new addition to the team, and Bjørn Kjellman will be hired by GAN periodically to ensure Trym’s training going forward.

Now, only the completion of the FAI component remains before delivery. Only then will Safran close the DVI application, and we can proudly confirm that this part was produced in the new facility.

4 på transport-gata

Stian Løken

Hva synes du om de nye arbeidsklærne fra Blåkläder?

“Jeg springer mye rundt, så for min del skulle vi gjerne fått lov til å ha kortbukser. Blir fort veldig varmt! Men klærne i seg selv er vi veldig fornøyd med!”

We asked 4 employees different questions…

Stian Løken

What do you think about the new work clothes from Blåkläder?

“I move around a lot, so personally, I would have liked to be allowed to wear shorts. It gets very hot quickly! But we are very satisfied with the clothes themselves!”

Together against exclusion:
GKN partners with Eiker Vekst

In October 2023, GKN entered into a collaboration with the inclusive employment company, Eiker Vekst. The company provides laundry services for the workwear of approximately 185 GKN employees and has already proven to be a valuable collaborator.


The year 2023 has been remarkable for us, with sales figures surpassing the previous year and approaching the budgeted targets. The economic impact is not only a result of efficient cost control, but also higher margins than initially planned. Inventory reduction has led to unexpected profits, and we seem to be meeting expectations beyond the set goals.

Despite this success, we face challenges related to working hours, primarily due to material shortages. This situation impacts production costs, especially labor costs, and is reflected in our conversion costs per hour, which, unfortunately, have not decreased as desired. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and are constantly evaluating opportunities to optimize operations. Although the situation has been positive so far, we are mindful of areas that can be further developed to ensure ongoing success.

4 på transport-gata

Jørgen Teigen

Hva synes du om de nye arbeidsklærne fra Blåkläder?

“Klærne er veldig fine, men har dessverre ikke fått så mye komplimenter på de enda. Men det kommer vel etterhvert!”

We asked 4 employees different questions…

Jørgen Teigen

What do you think about the new work clothes from Blåkläder?

“The clothes are very nice, but unfortunately, I haven’t received many compliments on them yet. But I guess that will come eventually!”

Our New Hires

In an industry characterized by constant innovation and technological development, GKN Aerospace Norway has strengthened its team with two new hires: Tom Erik Ebbestad as a project manager and Henrik Hegle as a team leader.

What makes their hiring special is the transition from industries outside the aerospace sector, illustrating GKN’s openness to diversity and a willingness to embrace new perspectives.

The future takes shape with these apprentices

GKN Aerospace Norway has always been a pioneer in the aerospace industry, and their continuous success largely depends on the competence and dedication of their employees. Every year, they welcome new apprentices into their ranks, young talents eager to learn and develop in various fields.

Company Sports Team

In April, the company sports team got their hands on tickets for the season finale in Formula 1; the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 at Yas Marina Circuit. It was an eagerly anticipating group counting down the days until departure.

4 på transport-gata

Ulf Peter Muggerud

Hvordan trives du i de nye Blåkläder-klærne?

“Kjempefine klær! Jeg er veldig fornøyd – de er så behagelige å ha på!”

We asked 4 employees different questions…

Ulf Peter Muggerud

How do you like the new Blåkläder clothes?

“Great clothes! I’m very satisfied – they are so comfortable to wear!”


- the path to a greener future

Henrik Willgohs is now in his second month at Permanova in the role of Director of Business Development & Sales. – It has been a fantastically interesting time with many travels, meetings, discussions, opportunities, and plans for how we can achieve the high sales figures set for us. In the following, we will try to shed some light on how Additive Manufacturing (AM) could impact conditions at GAN.

4 på transport-gata

Geir-Morten Langaas

Hva synes du om det nye arbeidstøyet fra Blåkläder?

“Kan ikke klage på arbeidstøyet! Fint er det også!”

We asked 4 employees different questions…

Geir-Morten Langaas

What do you think of the new workwear from Blåkläder?

“I can’t complain about the workwear! It looks good too!”

Sponsorship Collaboration

in 2023

At GKN Aerospace Norway, we aspire to make a difference – big or small. That’s why we support various causes, teams, and associations. We believe this is important for demonstrating social responsibility. Among our employees, this fosters engagement, pride, and loyalty.

This year, we have provided sponsorship funds to the following causes, teams, and associations:

Kirkens Bymisjon

Kongsberg Golfbane

Kongsberg Agenda


Fuel Fighter NTNU

Propulse NTNU

Hope Worldwide Ukraina

Telemark Airshow


Kirkens Bymisjon
(The Church City Mission)

The Church City Mission’s Café Tråkka is an opportunity for people who, due to addiction, mental illness, and/or a previous prison sentence, have been outside the work-life.

Café Tråkka is an arena in safe surroundings for people to get back into working life, participate in society and be able to support themselves.

Kongsberg Agenda

Kongsberg Agenda 2023 was a remarkable event that captured the attention of many, and among the active participants was GKN Aerospace Norway AS, which enthusiastically engaged in various forums to showcase its expertise and commitment to a sustainable future.

As a leading player in the aerospace industry, we are always committed to being a significant contributor to more sustainable development.

Telemark Airshow

Every year, aviation enthusiasts and curious families gather from far and wide to attend the Telemark Airshow. This annual event is a highlight for anyone who loves aviation.

This year’s Telemark Airshow in 2023 was no exception, despite somewhat overcast weather and sporadic drizzles. The event was a success with an impressive turnout from both dedicated aviation fans and casually interested spectators.

Elvelangs i Kongsberg
(Along the River)

The sponsorship money from GKN contributes to Elvelangs in Kongsberg being able to light the trail along Lågen with 1,500 torches. This event has grown with the involvement of the city’s people and contributes to a cultural boost.

Here the city’s associations and teams are showcased,encourage collaboration and create a unity we can be proud of! One of the company’s employees is the prime mover for this event and of course encourages everyone in GAN to participate!



On Friday, January 13, 2023, we shut down the entire production and gathered all our employees for a strategic meeting.

During this event, employees had the opportunity to collaborate across departments and fields to discuss how we can achieve our goals for 2023. This marked the first time we closed the entire company to bring all employees together for such a gathering – and the result? – Good dialogue, high engagement, ownership, and collaboration across the company in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Thank you, 2023!

As we look forward to the end of the year, when we enjoy time away from work with family and friends, I want to thank each of you for your commitment and hard work through 2023. Thanks to your efforts we exit 2023 with an amazing EngageMe score, underlining what a great place to work the Kongsberg site is.

The year has seen some changes, and I am enormously proud to have taken over leadership of the site in October. I feel I have joined a family at GAN, a family committed to taking care of every person involved. It is a privilege to lead you, and I am looking forward to getting to know you all better.

With the Nordics Project almost behind us, Q1 2024 represents a critical measurement period on the successful conclusion of that Project. It is essential that we achieve the step change in our daily earned hours, so the New Year needs to start quickly across the whole facility. Demonstrating delivery of the benefits across GAN and GAS combined is the one remaining milestone, and I am confident that we will achieve it.

Following the decision to in-source machine maintenance, when we return in January we will welcome our colleagues from KTT as new employees to GAN – familiar faces joining our business and I am sure you will make them all very welcome.

Also in 2024, we will see really close collaboration with our sister organization Permanova. The Material Solutions business is on a very exciting growth journey and we will be jointly developing a project definition to establish their capability on site here in GAN. More news on this will follow next year.

Please make the most of the Christmas break, see you in the New Year refreshed and recharged.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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